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1 Comic Con le Dim 24 Juil 2011 - 20:06


Smile je suis en live les posts reliés à COmic Con alors je vous enverrai tout ce qui aura de relié à SPN dans les prochaines heures

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Misha Collins says Castiel will do a lot of "smiting" this season; deaths will number in the thousand

"As a fan I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in Season 7" - Mark

Razz des milliers de mort par Cass la saison prochaine et Mark qui est excité par la Saison 7

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"We're going to turn up the scary, but it will also be lighter in S7" - Ben Edlund

"Cas starts S7 as God" - Ben

"The end of S7 will depend if we get the pick up for S8" - Sera

"We'll have so much to talk about after the season premiere" - Sera Gamble

"Cas as God is the most fun we've had in the writers room"

Misha says "Let the smiting begin!

"Dean sees Cas as family, nothing more." - Sera

Overheard: "I want to see them on a space ship for just one episode" - Ben (joking)
Misha en interview:

Misha on how much of him we'll see this season: "if you have a poster of me on your wall you'll see me daily
(traduc: Smile Sur combien de fois allons nous voir Misha l,année prochaine: a tous les jours si vous avez un poster de Misha sur votre mur)

"Crowley and Jo are returning." - Sera

Jared said he'll likely auction off the portraits from the French Mistake episode for charity

Ben Edlund is writing #Supernatural #7.3 "Hello Cruel World"”

S7 picks up right where we left off" - Jared

"And young Sam is going to be back in #Supernatural S7... Sam is going to have major issues with Castie

new big bad 4 #Supernatural will show up in ep 2

"I don't know how soulless Sam is going to turn out." - Jared

"My favorite Sam is souless Sam" - Jared

"I've gotten chills reading S7 scripts" - Jared

"We see Sam struggle to figure out whether or not it's a dream" - Jared

Jensen on Dean's goodbye to Lisa: "That's never going to be his life. He's a hunter and that's how its always gonna be"

Ackles suggests an episode of no words at all, just Sam looking at Dean, Dean looking at Sam

Jim: "Bobby's always a bride, never a bridesmaid"; Jared: "Didn't you kiss Mark?!

"Castiel saved Dean, I think it’s Dean’s turn to save Castiel." -Ben Edlund

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So what’s the scoop on Season 7 of SUPERNATURAL? The cast and executive producers were keeping the secrets close to the vest during their press rounds at the 2011 Comic-Con, but we were still able to get some info out of them.

Executive producer Sera Gamble says that the first episode back in Season 7 will find Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) still reeling from the events of the cliffhanger that found their friend/angel Castiel (Misha Collins) turning bad.

“They are reeling from what’s been going on with this character that they’ve been best friends with,” says Gamble. “They didn’t see this coming from Castiel. If stuff wasn’t falling apart so fast, they would be emotionally falling apart more. Castiel has declared himself anew god to fall apart. The substance of episode 1 [Season 7] starts there.”

According to Gamble, Crowley (Mark Sheppard] will also return.

“Yes, you will see him very early in the season,” says Gamble. “Castiel said he wasn’t killing him because he had plans for him and we reveal what those plans will be. As usual he is extremely funny.”

And even though Sheppard was coy about his return, he did hint at what he would like to see for his character.

“I would like to see him on the show for a long time,” says Sheppard with devilish grin. “Have you not been amazed and enthralled thus far with him. He’s kind of evolved. I keep asking why haven’t we seen his eyes flash red.”

As for creatures, Gamble says there will be some “ghost stories coming up soon.”

“We’ll also have shapeshifting creatures, angels, demons,” she adds. “We always pull a couple of variations out of our pocket with some new creatures we will reveal over the course of some episodes.”

Executive producer Ben Edlund says they also have a creature we haven’t seen before.

“It’s a Japanese folkloric creature,” he adds.

Edlund also adds that Sam has a lot of stuff to sort through too.

“Sam has three of himself in his own head – that’s some crazy s**t,” says Edlund. “He’s going to be grappling with his own sanity, so we have lots of stuff to play.”

Most importantly, Edlund says they’ve created a very “self-contained” challenge in Season 7 to keep everything fresh and new.

“Everyone working on SUPERNATURAL is earnest and clever and wants to make it as good as they can,” says Edlund. “And the pieces we’re using for Season 7 are consistent with an overall myth. It fits into the larger story that we will tell more about later. You’ll learn more about purgatory and how all these things work as a mythic whole, while still pursuing the story. I’m surprised we kept as much coherence as we have.”

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merci pour les photos

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Extrait des bloopers

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merci beaucoup pour tout ca!

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