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Interview de Misha pour le 100ème épisode

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1 Interview de Misha pour le 100ème épisode le Dim 20 Juin 2010 - 12:43


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-Misha Collins on what it's like to join Supernatural in the middle of its run:
"The crew and the cast of Supernatural is incredibly warm and welcoming. It was, from the beginning, really nice to step into that environment. While I've been working on the show, there have been a couple of guest stars who've made parting speeches just thanking the cast and crew for being as warm and welcoming as they are because it is very unusual in that sense."

-On his relationship with Castiel's trenchcoat over the course of the series:
"It went from apathy to enthusiasm to apathy again to dread to apathy again to not even thinking about it at all now."

-On his hopes, however slim, that the writers have something big in store for Castiel's wardrobe:
"I do have to admit that every time I pick up a new script, there's a glimmer of excitement in my soul when I hope that this is the episode that Castiel gets a makeover ... I have this feeling that the writers may be waiting for the perfect time to change the trenchcoat. I have this hope."

-On whether he'd like to be a part of Supernatural's sixth season:
"If my character works into the storyline, I would love to be a part of it. This is a great show to work on and I'm proud to be a part of it." "


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merci beaucoup Smile Le fameux trenchcoat... MDR je crois qu'il l'enlèvera JAMAIS!!!!! Castiel sans le costume de Colombo, c'est pas Castiel


Hook man
Exactement ^^


^^ merciii

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