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Set S4 : Reports de fans

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1 Set S4 : Reports de fans le Jeu 18 Sep 2008 - 15:42


Je commence avec celui ci, qq fans ayant visité le set

The awesomeness that is "smidgy06 came to visit gimlisgloin and myself for the labour day weekend. Because both women are so well connected, we knew where the boys (and crew) would be filming, so we spent the day watching them shoot the crew shoot. The boys were only there for a few hours minutes.

  • The crew rocks y'all. They deserve way more credit for putting together that show than they ever get. They all deserve big fat Xmas bonuses. *nods*
  • They have people that freaking warm the car seats for the boys. (That's what it looks like, at least.) When they get out of the Impala, two other dudes get in, until the boys are ready to shoot again.
  • There are people who do nothing but wave smoke around with a special wooden paddle.
  • PAs have weird bursts of activity that are nuts. In between, they can smoke, eat, play PS2, and sleep. Not many jobs where you can do that.
  • They have fake trees that are put on tripods to add to a scene.
  • They totally joke around with Kim. Jensen tried to sneak up on him and pick him up... and Kim and Jared are hilarious.

    • K: would someone please tell Jared to kiss my ass?
    • J: would someone please tell Kim is too low to the ground?

  • Both boys look very orange - makeup for hot lights and what have you.
  • Jensen was much mure vocal and louder than I expected him to be.
  • Jared is much prettier in the flesh. While I still find Jensen to be more attractive in the "traditional" sense, I couldn't stop staring at Jared. He is so good looking that it hurts... I think I'd combust if I actually had to make eyecontact or something.
  • Jensen's waist and legs are much thinner than they appear on TV. Those baggy jeans he wears are not flattering in any way.
  • The sight of Jared's legs made me think about blowjobs. *is a shameful dirty girl*
  • The boys don't even spit their gum out when doing a "gumless" take. They just stop chewing.
  • When they ran, I really believed that they were running. *winks at smidge*
  • Jared had Jensen laughing so hard he did "the handclap"
  • When Jensen smiles his REAL smile - he looks kind of goofy!
  • Padalecki's propensity for farting is EPIC. The crew actually jokes about it. At one point there was concern over a natural gas leak, and they wisecracked about "Jared's not even here" and his fragrant contributions after eating at the craft services burrito bar. (I don't see that stuff going over well at my places of work.)
  • Film sets are as boring as I thought

The next day, Smidge and I went to look at Riverview, where they shot "Folsom Prison Blues" and "Asylum" and a bajillion other episodes. We were on our way to the studios when my exhaust pipe decided to break into two pieces. Yay! So we had to go to my house and borrow another vehicle. We drove to the studio in the dark and sort of peeked around the set. I was freaked about being seen, because I suck. If we hadn't picked up a security guard on our tail, hadn't been out in the pitch black skulking about, and we hadn't been seen the previous day by every single crew member, I might have not been such a chicken shit. That said, there is what appears to be the original smashed Impala back there, and the water tower. I really wanted my picture with it, because we all know that it is the REAL star of the show.

The next morning I drove Smidge all around my neighborhood showing her places they've shot... and I forgot about a location or two, so, we'll have to do them next time. Then I took her to the ferry. I hope I didn't freak her out/scare her/make her feel weird, because she is awesome and a sweetie (and gimlis and I were totally nervous dorks about meeting her) because we think she is the shit.

She is more than welcome to come and stay again any time - we'll hit the places downtown we didn't get to see this visit.
In case you didn't know, Jensen is hot. Need proof? Check out my new layout.

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