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1 Expretions le Mar 6 Mai 2008 - 11:50


Le démon
Here some expretions the irish people use. I tried to translate them and i succedded for some but others i can't find the right translations. In french already it is difficult to understand them but in english that's not a piece of cake!!

The man (person) is the clothes.
The familiar english says:The clothes
make the man

There is often the look of an angel on the Devil himself.

A beetle recognizes another beetle.

Distant hills look green.
The familiar english says: The grass is always greener in the other fellow's yard"

Put silk on a goat and it is still a goat.

Everybody is good natured until a cow goes into his garden.

Food is not better than sense.

When the wine is in(side), the sense is out(side).

Sense does not come before age.

His own share is charity to the fool.

It is hard to whistle and eat at the same time.

Whether the road is crooked or straight,the short cut is the best way.
The familiar english says:Better go about than fall into a ditch."

A hen [carried] far is a heavy thing.

It is not the great men that always reap the harvest.

Praise the day in the evening.
The familiar english says:At the end of the day, .

2 Re: Expretions le Lun 25 Mai 2009 - 13:58


Hook man
I do not understand: do you want us to translate those expressions???

3 Re: Expretions le Lun 25 Mai 2009 - 16:14


Le démon
No it was only to give some expretions use in Ireland

4 Re: Expretions le Lun 25 Mai 2009 - 16:19


Hook man
ok, thank you for answering me

5 Re: Expretions le Lun 25 Mai 2009 - 16:21


Le démon
No problème!!

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